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Student Council

The Role of Student Council at Tobermore Primary School

The student council at Tobermore Primary School will meet every other week to share and discuss ideas for ways to improve our school.  The student council is made up of class representatives who are elected on an annual basis.  The council will regularly share news and information about new initiatives and the important things which are achieved.  Together we can help Tobermore Primary School to continue to grow and succeed.

Tobermore Primary School's Student Council Constitution

Student council needs a constitution because it will:

  • Provide everyone with a clear statement of purpose
  • Set out the rules and procedures to make sure student council runs effectively and successfully
  • Provide clear guidelines for anyone joining student council

Name of organisation:  Tobermore Primary School Student Council


  • To allow the children at Tobermore Primary School to have a voice
  • To help the school and community to be a better place
  • To help to improve learning in the school
  • To raise funds for the school

Members:  Student council will be made up of representatives from years 1-7.  Each class will elect one representative who attends meetings and gives feedback. Having been a member of student council for one year, children will then be unable to represent their class for the following two years to allow opportunity to a wider range of people.

Elections: Elections will be run without prejudice or discrimination.  Any class member is entitled to run for student council and the decision in each class will be made by a secret ballot.  Children wishing to be considered for Student Council will need to present a speech to their class giving clear reasons and examples of why they are the most suitable candidate for the job. 

Officers:  Once elected on to student council as board members, children will be able to apply for specific job roles within the organisation.  These are as follows:

  • Chair Person
  • Vice Chair person
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

These roles will be elected by the board using the same election process as for Student Council.  Job roles and responsibilities will be shared with all Student council members at the beginning of the year and the job specifications will be kept in each member's file.

Leaving Pupil Council:

Should a member of student council wish to resign from their post they must write a letter to the Chair Person giving reasons for their decision.  Once a member has resigned they will not be permitted to reapply for Student Council in the future, unless there are circumstances considered to be exceptional by the board (eg serious illness).   In these circumstances, a new class representative must be elected as soon as possible. 

Student council members may be asked to step down from their position if they repeatedly break Student Council rules.  Each member has three chances.  Should they lose these three chances, they will be asked by the Chair Person to give up their role and leave.  Pupils asked to leave student council will not be permitted to reapply for a position in the future.

The Student Council Rules are as follows:

All Student Council members must:
•    be respectful and listen to others
•    contribute or participate actively in meetings
•    follow the school rules and be role models to other pupils
•    model good behaviour at all times
•    be polite and courteous to others
•    not refer to specific individuals or groups during discussions
•    use their position on Student Council to support and develop their school and peers and not abuse this position in any way.

Student council will meet every two weeks. These meetings will last a minimum of 30 minutes.
Should additional meetings be required, these will be called as necessary.
The venue and time of meetings will be agreed at the beginning of each school year.
For decisions to be made at a meeting, there must be at least 6 members present (one form each year group wherever possible) and decisions are made through a “show of hands” vote in which the majority rules.

Mrs Speers is our student council co-ordinator.












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